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Raven Simone is no longer the cute little girl she played on Cosby – even though she’s still adorably cute – but she’s transitioned  her little girl sass into some real sexy soulfulness on her album This Is My Time, a production that some consider to be her “best album yet.” The sound still sticks to her R&B/Pop roots, but there’s a mature edge to it that was lacking from previous contributions. Some reviewers state that “every song on the album is musically pleasant to listen to,” and an added benefit is that parents and listeners alike don’t have to worry about Parental Advisories while listening to her powerful voice.  And when you listen to the lyrics of the title track you definitely know that this talented young lady is all grown up: Oh, At times I felt like I had lost my self Cuz people try to make you someone else I had to learn to trust my heart So things can change I came to a point Where I can speak my mind And not feel I’m living in a box To keep the girl I am concealed Oh I finally found the strength so I can Leave that all behind [Chorus:] This is my time, to shine This is my place to find All that I have inside I never knew This is my time to show What I must have always known That nothings impossible And dreams come true Everybody’s got the strength inside All it takes is time to realize That you and only you Can be the one to decide I can, I will, I know that everything I want I can do Believing in my self Then every wish I make will come true Oh, Satellite TV, It took a while to get this far But I’m here now [Chorus:] This is my time, to shine This is my place to find All that I have inside I never knew This is my time to show What I must have always known That nothings impossible And dreams come true Overcoming all these things Here I finally found my wings Now I know I’m ready to fly…….. [Chorus:] This is my time, to shine This is my place to find All that I have inside I never knew This is my time to show What I must have always known That nothings impossible And dreams come true

The Top Album Hits Of Raven Symone

Raven Symone gained her fame through a stint on the Cosby Show and later the tween series That’s So Raven, but she has met with equal success in the realm of pop music. In the midst of filming TV shows and movies, Raven found the time to record four studio albums, as well as four soundtrack albums.

Raven’s first album was 1993′s Here’s to New Dreams, which came out when she was only seven. Despite her youth, she was a dynamo who poured (more…)

Raven Symone Disney Movie Family Favorites

Raven Symone Disney Movie Family Favorites

The singer/actress Raven Simone certainly has many accomplishments, but some of her most cherished works are movies she has made for The Walt Disney Company.

Raven’s association with Disney began in 1999, when she played Nebula Wade in the television film “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.” “Zenon” concerned a future-dwelling teenager named Zenon Kar who must move from a space station to Earth as punishment for misbehaving. Nebula is Zenon’ (more…)

The Roots of Raven’s Talent

Raven-Symone is well-known for being multi-talented. She’s starred in hit television shows and is in demand as a singer. Where did her talents begin? Her parents thought her exceptionally beautiful and charismatic. Unlike many other parents, Raven’s parents were proved right when she was accepted to an Atlanta modeling agency when she was about one year old.

Her family moved to New York City when she was two. She was soon hired by (more…)

Is there Romance on the Horizon for Raven?

Could romance be on the rise for the star of The Disney Channel’s State of Georgia? The former child star melted hearts as Olivia on The Cosby Show and later became a tween favorite on That’s So Raven which showcased her superb comedy skills. More recently she has been in the headlines for her recent dramatic weight loss. She says she always felt she looked great before, but no one else did. Raven has been showing off her newly svelte physique in several magazines and her new (more…)

Raven’s New Fashion Sense

Raven Symone has grown up in front of our eyes by being a child star and now stars in her own TV program. Her style is up to date, appropriate for her age and young viewers can relate to her fashion sense. From wearing blue jeans to gowns, she has come a long way and has shown us that she keeps up with the current fashion trends. Glitzy and glamorous, she can wear most anything and still look fabulous! (more…)

What’s on tap for Raven in 2011

Raven-Symone Christina Pearman, 25, has had a busy 2011 so far and doesn-t plan on slowing down. After receiving the Spirit Award at the 21st NAACP Theatre Awards in Hollywood, she-s back to filming more episodes of her new ABC Family series “Great State of Georgia.’ She-s also putting the finishing touches of her fifth studio album and still wants to release it independently instead of on an already established label.

Late September sees the release of the animated movie “Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue,’ with Raven playing the voice of the (more…)

Raven Movies We’d LIKE to See

Every Raven fan alive knows she’s got the spunk to carry of just about any role, but what would you like to see her in? We-ve got a few ideas of our own but don-t hold your breath waiting to see her starring in any of these titles on your Direct TV lineup
The Bodyguard: Who wouldn’t love a remake of this 90s classic? Raven could play Whitney flawlessly and it would give her a (more…)

Christmas Ideas

If you or someone you know loves “all things Raven” you might want to consider stuffing her into a Christmas stocking this year. Choose one of her CDs like Raven-Symone (2008), This Is My Time (2004) or Here’s to New Dreams (1993); or maybe give a collection of the Cosby Show DVD series or That’s So Raven. Either way, whether you prefer listening to her R&B/hip-hop style or seeing her artful craft of acting, you probably can’t go wrong by including anything she has put out in someone’s Christmas stocking this year, especially since the star plans to return to television in a new ABC Family comedy titled “The Great State of Georgia” where she plays the title character. Stay tuned for when it is set to air; but in the meantime get those Christmas stockings stuffed!

The early acting life of Raven

When Raven-Symone earned her own T.V. show “That’s So Raven,” she already had 14 years of acting experience.At the age of five, Raven acted along with Bill Cosby, Lisa Bonet, and Malcom-Jamal Warner in “The Cosby Show.” By far the launching point of her career, Raven starred as Olivia Kendall, Cliff Huxtable’s (Cosby) step-granddaughter. Raven played as Olivia for three years.During that three year period, Raven made one time appearances in a variety of other TV episodes. From “TGIF” on ABC, to the “Muppets at Walt Disney World,” the actress was by no means a one show star. In-fact the actress also appeared on “The Fresh-Prince of Bel-Air.” Raven played as Claudia on the “Vying for Attention” episode. (more…)