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The Patron of Africa

Raven is a live-streaming and social networking app helping African creators earn globally.


Enjoy events from the comfort of your home

You have access to millions of live events and premium content happening worldwide in real time. Buy tickets and tune in to your favorite events.


An all in one creator platform

An entirely new approach to entertainment.

Stream events globally

Broadcast your live events, mini concerts and live shows to over 10 million streamers for free. Streaming is the future and we are helping African creators monetize globally.

Make money live streaming content easily & globally.

You can make money from ticket sales, donations and tips from all over the world. Withdraw all payments directly into your bank account or wallet seamlessly in less than 24 hours.

Meet New People on Raven Connect


Connect on a 1:1 video call with random people from all over the world.



Share ideas and have loads of fun meeting people from all over the world.



Interact with cool people from all over the world.

Monetize your YouTube videos. and connect your online store anywhere, anytime!

Monetize your on-demand content by taking advantage of our “Play” feature by plugging in your YouTube channel. You can also sell digital products like Tshirts from your store on Raven.

Receive payments in USD & USDT

You can sell tickets and receive payments and Tips in USD and USDT no matter where you are in the world. You keep 90% of all donations in USD

We are democratizing content

What the team is saying

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Creator Funds

Raven Creator Fund

Raven Creator Fund is a grant aimed at rewarding Raven creators for doing what they do best — hosting amazing events and publishing content on Raven Live. It’s Raven's way of celebrating and supporting creators for their dedication, ingenuity, and spirit. Apply for funding of up to 1,000,000 Naira in the form below. 

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