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Mr Eazi Launches New Group ChopLife Soundsystem

Mr Eazi, the acclaimed music superstar, business visionary, and globe-trotter, extends a heartfelt invitation to music enthusiasts to embark on a sonic journey to South Africa with the release of Chop Life, Vol. 1: Mzansi Chronicles (Choplife Limited/emPawa Africa), the inaugural offering from his newly-formed pan-African music collective, ChopLife Soundsystem. Crafted amidst the vibrant locales of Cape Town and Johannesburg, this 14-track album serves as an exuberant tribute to amapiano, the electrifying dance music genre that has burst forth from South Africa and garnered international recognition. Joining forces with an excellent lineup of South African music luminaries such as Moonchild Sanelly, Focalistic, Nkosazana Daughter, Ami Faku, and Major League Djz, alongside a host of emerging talents, Mr. Eazi presents his interpretation of the scene's captivating elements. Mzansi Chronicles is an ode to the amapiano sound that has been the soundtrack to my parties and me going to clubs,” Mr Eazi said of the project. “It’s me working with some of my favorite artists and capturing my interpretation of elements I love from the scene.” Choplife Vol. 1: Mzansi Chronicles serves as the formal introduction to ChopLife SoundSystem, a music lifestyle project and mobile extravaganza spearheaded by the Nigerian-born musical maestro, Mr Eazi. Taking inspiration from the West African pidgin slang term meaning "enjoy life," as well as the revered sound systems that underpin the dancehall music culture, this venture embodies a uniquely African twist. Drawing from Jamaican parlance, a sound system refers to a mobile collective of DJs and MCs who collaborate to present music at public events. ChopLife SoundSystem ingeniously embraces this tradition while infusing it with an unmistakable African flair. Mr Eazi will take ChopLife SoundSystem on the road this summer, with ChopLife pop-ups in Barcelona (July 7), Amsterdam (July 8), London (July 14) and Paris (July 16).

Listen to the project below.

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